EQT Ventures
2 min readMay 25, 2016


EQT Ventures is open for business

After countless discussions, late nights, flights, iterations, Keynote revisions, sales meetings and prototypes, it’s official ­– EQT Ventures is live. This has been more than a year in the making and the team is super excited to get going and work together with founding teams to support the development of global tech winners.

If you want the one-liner, EQT Ventures is a technology-driven, full service, European, multi-stage growth tech venture fund… and yes, with € 566 million ($ 630 million) in commitments. And with an ambitious software driven approach called Motherbrain, proactively sourcing investment opportunities, and Together, a matchmaking tool for angels and early-stage startups. And with a special Mentor’s fund where some of Europe’s most renowned entrepreneurs have invested (more about this later).

We live in exciting times where innovation is borderless and technology is transforming all industries. Relentless founders are clustering in tech hubs around the globe and rethinking every imaginable sector from education and manufacturing to government and energy. Most are global by default — forgive the buzzword, but it’s true.

“EQT Ventures is designed to be the VC we would have wanted when on our own startup journeys”

The landscape is increasingly competitive — for the investors. Global capital is no longer scarce and founders across the board are realizing that to scale-up a business you need to carefully screen and set up clear selection criteria for future investors. The era of the arrogant-corner-office-VC-dude is over.

EQT Ventures’ mission is to lead the necessary transformation of the venture capital industry with a software enabled, full-service team of incurable business builders and scalers.

EQT Ventures is designed to be the VC we would have wanted when on our own startup journeys, when we launched, funded, advised or scaled Booking.com, Uber, Wrapp, King, Sendit, Spotify, SK Gaming, Rebtel, Great Works, Sportradar, Lendify, and many more. Luckily for you, we made heaps of mistakes — heaps — and we believe in sharing them so you can get busy making new mistakes and coming out the other side better for them.

Europe is oozing with opportunity and EQT Ventures is here to shake it up and make it happen… and have fun on the way. Join us.

The EQT Ventures team

16 out of 19 have their eyes open. Pretty good hit rate if you ask us.